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Tiny bits of info from Comic-Con - Marvel Universe Online
Tiny bits of info from Comic-Con
This is pulled from http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=11355 and condensed down by Doughboy on the CoH boards at http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showflat.php?Number=8812165


Jack began by letting the audience know he cannot say anything about the release date and price. He then went on to say the Marvel Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) is unique from others like it in that it has a whole geography taken from the comics ripe for exploring. They can also update the game to fit current continuity as well as have the occasional time travel mission allowing the player to take part in pivotal moments in Marvel history.

Questions were then given by audience members with many asking Jack about more details on "Marvel Universe Online." One answer revealed that while you create a hero at the start like most MMORPGs, there will still be all the classic Marvel characters to interact with, and possibly even the chance to play as a few at one point in the game. He answered a question about 'powers' by saying he can't reveal any specifics, but that the game will be the first Action MMORPG, a major shift from Jack's previous hit "City of Heroes."

Jack informed one fan that although the game is still far from completion, "Marvel Universe Online" will have PvP and the obligatory super hero team up.

A fan had a question for the whole panel asking how big each of their games' worlds are. ... [T]he Marvel MMORPG will go all over the world, but primarily focus on the fictional Marvel locales.

Another question was directed towards Jack with the fan wondering how the game physics will work compared to previous MMORPGs. It's still too early to say, but the "City of Heroes" engine is being completely updated, but it's likely there will be destructible environments.


So, not a huge amount of info, but some interesting things, like playable "main" heroes and destructible environments. I find it a little worrisome that they're basically revamping the CoH engine for the game, given how hard it is for them to add new powers and effects to the engine. Hopefully that'll be one of the main issues they remedy.


ETA: More stuff from transcriptions of video by Doughboy:

Part 1:
MUO is the entire universe. there is nothing we cannot touch. Trying to deliver a vista that stretches from New York... we're working right now on the Canadian wilderness. One of the great things is the geography of the marvel universe. you'll be going everywhere as a character in it.

online universe can develop and react to current events and current continuity. and going into the wayback machine getting bits of trivia and other things that hard core fans will appreciate.

Part 2:
We're trying to stay with modern marvel continuity as much as possible. But also trying to recognize that not everyone is so into marvel... like they didn't know Kingpin did not exist... that would be strange to them. So we'll have a Kingpin type of character.

We're compiling a database of marvel info. We read a lot of comics, taking down names of every place, npc, hero, etc. and putting it in database. designers will use this to draw on marvel's incredible mythology. there will no item, no character, nothing in the game that has not appeared in marvel history.

Part 3:
we are doing some things to make a player feel like the city is not as crowded with heroes as CoH. Player will be doing lots of things with marvel characters. you will interact with them, they will be guiding you throughout the city, you will fighting alongside them and who knows... maybe you might even be playing as them.

Player will be constantly interacting with the all of the major characters.

Part 4:
Not revealing any specifics of how powers works. Major focus of this game is moment-to-moment gaming. I'm sitting there with 360 controller and with... playing with keyboard, playing with 360 controller. making sure it feels good, feels right, executing. this is going to be an action mmorpg probably like nothing that's been seen before. I have not yet heard of anything thus far that's being developed in parallel on a console and pc, only ports. nothing like this has been tried before. the level of interactivity, the level of action, it's far closer to console games.

Part 5:
Multiple wolverines? We're more than aware of that. (laughs). It would be unpleasant to see a bunch of wolverines. Wolverine105, Wolverine106, Wolverine107. Allowing players to be signature characters would have to be under situations where it's appropriate without destroying the entire game.

We have access to marvel history. Marvel's been great about this. they included us in the writer's retreat so we'd know what they're planning for the future. From secret wars to atlantis attacks to civil war I want to tackle all of them. I'm a huge comic book fan. Even stumped Mark Waid on comic book knowledge. (laughs)

Part 6:
What will make CoH player go to MUO? I want people to play both. (laughs) Main draw to MUO is the intellectual property. Meet J. Jonah Jameson, interact with the Avengers, go find out about the secrets of weaponX for yourself. plus it will be a console action-orientated gameplay. city of heroes is fast-paced. taken city of heroes gameplay and kicked it up a notch. a lot of interactivity. taking console-style combat mechanics and bringing into the mmorp world. it's not a "click 'A' and pray"

Part 7:
Players would love a button that says "I win". The challenge in our game is that we can't put the same number of critters on the screen as other games because we have lots of other players. challenge is made by type of foes faced or weapons they have.

Part 8:
PvP question. Can't discuss mechanics. People will expect pvp. I know that. Let me put it that way.

voice chat question. It's cool. we'd love to use the tech, but it's not a required element.


So, it sounds more action-y than CoH, which could be really good or really awful. Anyone that's played Planetside knows how much even a little lag can affect an action MMO game. I also think it's interesting that they're going to be trying to make the cities feel less populated by heroes than in CoH. I think getting rid of trainers might be a good way to accomplish that, but we'll see what happens.
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