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Been pretty quiet... that can't be good. - Marvel Universe Online
Been pretty quiet... that can't be good.
Saw this on the Newsaramablog today, and thought i'd pass it along with a straight copy/paste.


1up.com asks the question, “Is Marvel Universe Online dead?” There’s no body quite yet, but:

1UP has been told the Marvel, Microsoft and Cryptic Studios collaboration, Marvel Universe Online, has hit serious, potentially stalling, development troubles. Though the MMO hasn’t been outright canceled publicly just yet — albeit a move Microsoft hasn’t had an issue with before, says True Fantasy Live Online from beyond the grave — our word from the inside, combined with recent controversies surrounding the studio behind the game, raises serious suspicion.

Last week, NCSoft announced it had acquired the City of Heroes IP from Cryptic Studios. Additionally, the staff behind the franchise — approximately 15% of Cryptic — was moving to Mountain View, CA and opening a new studio to operate within the NCSoft umbrella. During and following the announcement, no comment was made about the status of Marvel Universe Online. Curious, then, when we heard the game’s status was in danger and contacted Microsoft for an update on the game’s progress. Given there’s been nothing new about Marvel Universe Online (outside of bringing comics writer John Layman on board in July) since an October 2006 interview with IGN, it’s not exactly a bizarre question.

Marvel Universe Online, an MMORG — massively multiplayer online game — was announced a little more than a year ago by Marvel and Cryptic Studios for the XBox 360 and Windows Vista. Read the rest of the post for comments from Microsoft, who say they have nothing new to share on the game at this time.

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